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Fiberglass Filler – What is it and Why Use it on Vehicle Overall body Repairs?

What Is Fiberglass?

Uncooked fiberglass appear in a gentle fabric like substance. When saturated with liquid resin and tougher, it becomes really hard and extremely solid. There are not far too several fiberglass car sections on contemporary day automobiles, as they have all begun working with other composites like SMC and Carbon Fiber. Nevertheless, fiberglass was on early model corvettes, truck hoods, and lots of other areas. There are continue to aftermarket areas that are created from fiberglass and it even now utilized for boats and jet skis.

The Distinction Involving Fiberglass and Fiberglass Filler

Fiberglass filler arrives in a can and is mixed with a cream hardener. It mixes a whole lot like frequent human body filler, but it is thicker and a minor tougher to blend. The filler essentially has fiberglass combined in it. It arrives quick hair and very long hair. This is the duration of the fiberglass that is combined in the filler. The two provide fantastic waterproof properties as they do not take in drinking water. Both equally fiberglass fillers are much better than typical overall body filler. The extended hair filler presents the most toughness out of the two. Even so, these fillers are quite complicated to sand. The filler is also thick, which tends to make it challenging to level and easy like normal body filler.

Why Use Fiberglass Filler If It is So Difficult To Sand

The explanation we use fiberglass filler in vehicle physique repair service is not definitely the included power, but for the water resistant attributes. It is advised to utilize a skinny layer of fiberglass filler about any welding that is performed. Body filler absorbs moister, which will qualified prospects to corrosion and rust. By applying the fiberglass, we do away with the moister absorption dilemma. Due to the fact our main goal is to seal the welded region, the shorter hair fiberglass is ample for the software.

What Can Fiberglass Filler Be Applied On

This filler can be utilised over bare metallic or fiberglass.

Ending The Repair

As I stated, fiberglass does not sand properly. That is why I propose only implementing a small quantity to the welded regions and rough sanding it. Immediately after this is completed, you can utilize physique filler on the top of the fiberglass filler and end the repair as you generally would employing system filler.


You really should normally have on right protecting gear when sanding any filler. On the other hand, intense caution really should be taken when sanding fiberglass merchandise. It not only itches and irritate your skin, but it is incredibly unhealthy to breathed the fiberglass. Be particular to dress in an authorized dust respiration, gloves, eye safety, and you might even want to don a disposable paint go well with. If some of the fiberglass does get on your pores and skin, acquire a cold shower. This will assistance hold your pores small and permit the fiberglass to clean off.

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